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Radio Repairs

Radio RepairsWe also do radio repairs such as vintage radio repair, vacuum tube/valve radio repair, transistor radio repair and providing a special boombox repair service as well. Furthermore we occasionally repair radio communication equipment (RF) for commercial or amateur radio such as FM or shortwave transceivers, receivers, scanners or CB radios.

Repairs start from £69 whereby the final cost will depend on the actual time spent on the repair plus cost of spare parts. Usually it takes about 5-10 working days to get your repair done. All repairs are covered by a 12 months warranty on the same fault.

We do accept repairs by post if the customer covers the shipping cost and is aware of the risk of damage or loss during transit. You are free to choose your own preferred courier service (e.g. Royal Post, DHL, Parcelforce, TNT, FedEx, HERMES).

Please call us on 0207 686 3624 for further information or use our contact form.




Leak Trough Line 3 - FM Tube Tuner repair
Leak Trough Line 3 – Tube FM Tuner repair
Leak Trough Line 3 - Repair
Leak Trough Line 3 – FM Tuner repair
(low sensitivity, distortion, IF misalignment)
NAD 7020
NAD 7020 Stereo Receiver
NAD 7020 Repair
NAD 7020 repair
(intermitting fault)
Kenwood TS-440
Kenwood TS-440
Kenwood TS-440 Repair
Kenwood TS-440 shortwave transceiver repair
(no power)

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